Landing strip lament

Yesterday an extended family came to the Cántaros store–grandparents, parents, and two kids from Chicago. They flew into San Vito’s airstrip in the early morning on a chartered plane. (The airstrip is not yet open for scheduled commercial flights.)

They recounted their adventures. The plane landed safely and the family disembarked, but they were locked inside the airstrip’s fence. The pilot called the police to find out how to open the lock. The police at one time had a key, but since they moved to their newly constructed station in downtown San Vito, they couldn’t find it.

The pilot took matters into his own hands–he broke the padlock with a tool or a stone (not sure which).  People had lined up along the road to watch the proceedings. Some people cheered when they emerged.

The family took a taxi to Las Cruces for a tour, then a taxi to Finca Cántaros to do some shopping, and left in a taxi to go to Golfito and continue their vacation on the Osa.

Such is the progress that has been made since Don Vito Sansonetti implored the town fathers, so many years ago, to construct a runway and covered waiting area for private planes. Who’s in charge of the “airport” now?

Gail Hull

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