Finca Cántaros is for sale

Late afternoon shadows at the Mirador.

The current owners of Cantaros S.R.L. (the limited liability company that technically owns Finca Cántaros), who are in their early 70s, purchased most of the property in 1994 and added to it in 2000. They have reforested and improved it ever since. They are considering moving to a smaller property and so are now selling Finca Cántaros.

Asking price: $545,000.

This Finca Cántaros website gives a good representation of the property as its owners are currently managing it: as a private nature reserve with facilities for gatherings and day visitors, plus a crafts store (run by Gail Hull, one of the owners). New owners could continue any of these uses of the property, develop it further or in other ways, or simply make it into a totally private estate.

Here is a summary of key information about the property for prospective buyers. Please contact the owners, preferably by email. They would be happy to answer your questions and arrange for you to see the property.

  • 7.0137 hectares/17.33 acres; registered deed.
  • Located in desirable Linda Vista neighborhood, 2.5 Km south of the thriving town of San Vito, with several hundred meters of frontage on the main road from San Vito to Ciudad Neilly.
  • Property taxes: approximately $210 per year (plus $170 per year for weekly municipal trash collection).
  • Private nature reserve, gardens and orchards (about 95% of property): gardens, trails, views, wetland/lake; currently open to public with admissions fee. Fifty-four percent of the property is certified secondary forest, now over 20 years old.
  • Recently remodeled and enlarged owner’s house  (completed July 2014), now approx. 140 m²/1500 ft², perfect for a couple or small family.
    • 2 full bathrooms, a large bedroom with walk-in closet
    • small second bedroom (now being used as an office)
    • sitting room (or study)
    • beautifully remodeled kitchen superbly designed for a serious cook (with granite sink area counter, side-by-side refrigerator, dishwasher, and loads of counter and storage space, including a walk-in pantry) and a counter/pass-through from the kitchen to the living/dining room
    • an interior storage room with cabinets and shelves
    • a laundry room
    • new 46 m²/494 ft² living/dining room, and a 14-m²/150-ft² covered terrace off the living room area with a view of a backyard, lovely garden and down through a forested area to the lake/laguna
    • new solar hot water system, installed on the roof, with back-up electric heater
    • upgraded wiring: as part of the remodeling, all electrical wiring was upgraded to current standards, and wiring for telephone, internet, satellite TV, alarm system, and stereo speaker systems installed to be integral with the construction
  • There is a 2-car parking garage with “bodega” storage room and a protected laundry drying area connecting to the owner’s house.
  • A greenhouse for a vegetable garden and nursery is located near the owner’s house behind the garage.

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  • There is also another building sited near the main road (built in 1962 by the original owner of the property, Vito Sansonetti, the leader of the Italian colony of that era, and remodeled in 1995 and 2010, approx. 149 m²/1600 ft²) containing an apartment for the caretaker family, a crafts store and several subsidiary rooms, including a small conference room with shelving for lending library books.
  • The current store for arts and indigenous crafts, run by the owners, is space that could be used for another business or converted into a studio or living space.
  • Large “rancho” (open-sided shelter) of about 35 m²/377 ft² ideal for entertaining that has water, electricity, tile counters, table for 24, and an adjacent structure with bathrooms and shower.
  • Three smaller ranchos located at other special sites for picnics, meetings and fiestas.
  • Two small out-buildings (bodegas) currently used for storage and a shelter for drying and storing wood.
  • Several fruit orchard areas, principally citrus and bananas, guava, and other tropical fruits.
  • Some excellent potential house sites on flat terrain with tremendous views.
  • Except for a 50-meter protected buffer area around the 0.75-hectare lake/wetland (Laguna Zoncho), property is eligible for any residential or commercial development. This area does not yet have a zoning plan.
  • The owners of a contiguous property to the north (about 12 ha, also for sale) have a 196.45-meter long, 4-meter wide easement to pass through Finca Cántaros via a gravel road.
  • Very dependable utilities: electricity (I.C.E.), water (from the natural spring source at Las Tablas at the edge of the Amistad International Park, managed by A y A), telephone land lines (I.C.E.), high-speed internet (ADSL, from I.C.E.), excellent cell signal, satellite TV service (Sky, but several available), and alarm system for the owner’s house. Back-up water tank serving both buildings and large rancho.
  • Cool tropical highlands climate: at an altitude of 1187 m/3900 feet , temperatures are between 60°s F at night to 70-80°s F during the day, year round.
  • Dry season from December through March; light rains April-July; heaviest rains August-November.
  • 15 km from Rio Sireno on the border with Panama and its beautiful highlands around Volcan Barú, from Volcan and Cerro Punta to Boquete.
  • Over 200 bird species on the cumulative bird list; archeological points of interest.

Please contact the owners, preferably by email, for more information or to arrange a visit.

This post was updated June 8, 2018.

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