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Passing the torch

January 30th, 2019 was a big day in Finca Cántaros history, as the ownership changed hands from Gail and Harry Hull III to me. When Gail bought Cántaros back in 1994, it was cattle pasture. Over more than two decades, … Continue reading

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Remembering the Bush Dogs

They burst out of the understory and crossed the forest trail right in front of my dog, Melba, and me–about only eight feet away. Two identical bush dogs moving as if one animal–small yet powerful, self-contained, undeterred in purpose in … Continue reading

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An unexpected mammal

At Finca Cantaros over the years since 1994, we or our visitors to the reserve have observed mammals small and large. From the more frequently seen squirrels and agoutis to armadillos, coatis and opossum, such fauna are a welcome addition … Continue reading

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Landing strip lament

Yesterday an extended family came to the Cántaros store–grandparents, parents, and two kids from Chicago. They flew into San Vito’s airstrip in the early morning on a chartered plane. (The airstrip is not yet open for scheduled commercial flights.) They … Continue reading

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New Photo Gallery added to site

We have added a photo gallery of some of the wide variety of flora on the Finca. Click here to go directly to this new page.

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Hola and welcome!

This is a site dedicated to Finca Cántaros, a private nature reserve in southwestern Costa Rica near the town of San Vito. The 17-acre property features a natural 1-hectare (2.5-acre) lake, vista point overlooking the nearby town and Talamanca Mountains, … Continue reading

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