Finca Cántaros is a private nature reserve and gardens open to the public during the day for a modest entrance fee. Visitors can enjoy the following facilities:

  • A large, open-air pavilion(“Rancho Grande”) with electricity, water, BBQ grill

    Large, open-air pavilion (“Rancho Grande”)

    that’s ideal for meetings and parties, accommodating groups up to 40. Use is by reservation only.

  • Public bathrooms adjacent to the Rancho Grande.
  • Three smaller shelters(“ranchos”) in various scenic locations in the Finca with picnic tables: one at the Vista Point (Mirador), two on the shores of Laguna Zoncho.

Shelter (“Rancho”) at the Vista Point (Mirador)

  • Camping sites and space for one recreational vehicle near the Rancho Grande. $10 per person per night plus $5 per night for an RV. Campers must arrive before 5 pm. Telephone a day ahead if planning to arrive on a Sunday. Campers have access to bathrooms, hot shower, electrical outlets and lighting in the Rancho Grande. If the owner is in residence, campers will have wifi access to the internet. We are popular with serious overland travelers passing through this area going either north towards Mexico and the USA or south to Panama and South America.

One of the shelters (“ranchos”) near the shore of Laguna Zoncho

Interior of “Rancho Grande” showing large fixed table and counter space.