Private Nature Preserve

Private nature preserve showing Laguna Zoncho

View of Laguna Zoncho from highest point on the Finca.

Finca Cantaros is currently managed by the owners as a private nature reserve of mid-elevation forest, with most of its 7 hectares (about 17.3 acres) now reforested and the rest, not counting the lake (Laguna Zoncho), in gardens and orchards. Beginning in 1994, thousands of trees of many varieties were planted to restore the land from having been largely cleared, first for coffee farming, then for cattle ranching. With the rapid growth typical of the tropics, most of these trees are now quite large.  The understory of much of the reforested areas have been left largely unmanaged, providing good habitat for more and more species of birds and, increasingly, for small mammals and rodents. As a result, birdwatching is a popular activity at the Finca.

Trails wind through native forest, orchards, gardens and open areas where children can play. Four shelters (“ranchos”) in scenic areas provide shaded benches and tables for picnics or gatherings. Special plant collections include native palms, melastomataceae, cycads, and marantaceae.  Aquatic birds can be seen year-round on Laguna Zoncho. The Rainbow Gums, an exotic and quite unusual Eucalyptus species, are among the largest trees on the property, whose flowers attract diverse hummingbirds.

Finca Cantaros is a member of Red Costarricense de Reservas Naturales (Network of Costa Rican Private Nature Reserves).

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