Mammals seen at Finca Cantaros

Neotropical Otter seen swimming in Laguna Zoncho on 3 March 2013. Photo by Harry Hull

At Finca Cantaros over the years since 1994, we or our visitors to the reserve have observed mammals small and large. From the more frequently seen squirrels and agoutis to armadillos, coatis and opossum, such fauna are a welcome addition to the more active and varied bird life of the finca. But it is always noteworthy—and an adrenaline rush—to see one of the larger or rarer mammals, and a jaguarundi, sloth, tayra are among those that have been known visitors. Two of the more memorable mammal sightings came in 2013 when a neotropical river otter visited our Laguna Zoncho over several days and in 2014 when a pair of bush dogs were spotted moving through the secondary forest. (For a report on the river otter with photos and video, see this post; for one on the bush dogs, see this one.)

Below is the most recent list of mammals seen here. The 13 bat species were identified by researchers from the Las Cruces Biological Station (OTS) NAPIRE course over several evenings in July of 2013 and 2015.